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Soluciones Inteligentes

para las áreas rurales

FUTURAL will prototype, test, and demonstrate community-led, social, technological and business innovations in different geographical and socio-cultural rural contexts. It will deliver a set of digital Smart Solutions to address key societal, environmental and financial challenges and empower rural communities to engage in change.

Smart solutions tailored to rural communities’ needs

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Objetivos principales



Co-design, implement, monitor, and evaluate community-led social and business innovations based on digital smart solutions.

Soluciones Inteligentes

Test, pilot, and demonstrate the digital smart solutions for the 5 FUTURAL domains to address social and environmental challenges faced by rural communities.

Capacity Building

Strengthen the capacity of rural communities to realise the potential of community- led innovations based on the proposed SS.

Networking y sinergias

Establish synergies with rural innovator and CAP networks, smart villages, organisations, and other projects to enhance relations and knowledge exchange.


Propose policies and governance frameworks to maximise the project’s contribution in achieving future CAP objectives related to smart villages and develop business models to mainstream solutions.


For more resilient and sustainable rural areas, better connected and capable of improving their citizens’ well-being

Soluciones Inteligentes

Consistentes en un grupo de

Soluciones Digitales Inteligentes
Diferentes dominios

OC soluciones inteligentes

para ampliar el portfolio de soluciones inteligentes

Plataforma de Metabúsqueda

integrando Soluciones Inteligentes y ofreciendo capacidades de intercomparación

Modelos de negocio inclusivos

haciendo posible el escalado y replicabilidad de las Soluciones Inteligentes

Guías de políticas y gobernanza

trata de mejorar la capacidad de las comunidades rurales para evolucionar

Ecosistema y creación de nuevas capacidades

haciendo posible la co-creación de innovaciones y motivando a los agentes rurales

FUTURAL Multi-Actor Pilots (MAPs)

impulsar el impacto global del proyecto

Convocatoria abierta

To fuel the growth trajectory of digital solutions for rural area empowerment and boost the overall project impact, FUTURAL will launch a single Open Call providing Financial Support to Third Parties as a mechanism to increase the number of Smart Solutions available to rural communities and accelerate network expansion.

The Open Call will encourage SMEs and other interested parties (startups and research organisations) to develop and apply their own smart solutions within the 5 FUTURAL domains, increasing the number of SS available to rural communities.

The Open Call will accept proposals from consortia of 2-4 parties (≥1 technical party and ≥1 rural community) and will result in at least 10 projects (max 120k euro per project – up to 60k Euro for each third party.

Nuestros socios

The FUTURAL collaboration brings together 21 partners from ten (10) EU countries to reinforce a multi-actor approach by bringing together academic and research institutes, industrial companies, service providers and non-profit organisations from across the IT, Social Science and Humanities, Business, Rural research, policy and public administration sectors.